Anuka M&O 2017:

Make your mark with ANUKA – create your very own world!

Children and playing are taken very seriously at ANUKA. We have envisioned a thousand games while designing our soft chairs and poufs, yet children never cease to amaze us with their creativity. We are glad to announce that brand new animal characters and more figurative elements have joined our family recently. These little fellows will help your kids to create a true safari atmosphere in their room, or even in the garden. We are sure they would not mind if you tag along to this dream destination, as far as you are down for another round of fun. Our soft furniture lines come in a wide range of ANUKA colours, which are complemented by charismatic patterns. Add your personal touch; mix and match your favourite chairs with the desired cushions to create a one-of-a-kind combination. It is all about you and what you like! The newplay mat is whimsical and stylish – it could become a practical accessory of your home and your little one’s new best buddy.

Hungarian brand ANUKA is passionate about creating designs for children that speak a unified visual language. The pieces aim to stimulate young minds as they grow, making sure that those cherished playtimes also contribute to their development. When the three grown-up designers realised they had lost their carefree spirit along the paved road to serious adulthood, they were they were eager to get it back again. With engaging designs, bursting colours and charming animal motifs, ANUKA’s charismatic line prove that you can always have a bit of fun, regardless of your age

Andrea Ovari – textiles & design | Aniko Bieder – design | Balazs Gelsei – design

rotalodo-poufs_and_chair_2._foto anuka anuka

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